Executive Summary

TaxServ, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company, was established in 1993 by Daniel T. Kusic, a practicing real estate attorney with over thirty (30) years experience in real estate and tax matters. In the early 1990’s Mr. Kusic noted an emerging trend, of real estate taxing authorities toward bulk sale and securitization of real estate tax liens. Based upon this movement, he also predicted a resulting need for the professional experienced asset servicing of these securitized portfolios. TaxServ, LLC is one of only a few firms with a national presence that specializes solely in real property tax matters including tax certificate investment and tax lien servicing. TaxServ staff have supervised or personally represented tax appeal clients during the past twenty (20) years in the successful challenge of over $1 billion of property assessed values and the recovery of over $2,500,000.

Since its inception, the firm has performed detailed due diligence analyses of portfolios in over twenty jurisdictions, with tax lien assets totaling in excess of $1 billion, represented by over 293,000 tax liens. These analyses have been on a lien-by-lien basis and have included analysis of the ratio of lien amount to market and/or assessed value, a review of all outstanding prior and post liens, review of outstanding and potential legal issues and other factors affecting the value and marketability of the assets. Site inspections have been performed on over 5,000 of the properties securing these liens.

In addition, TaxServ’s team has experience in preparing valuation reports for real estate tax lien portfolios in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and South Carolina. The TaxServ model uses the Standard & Poor’s Bucket Analysis and discounted cash flow methodology. Our reports have been accepted by Big Five accounting firms, credit rating agencies and national tax lien investors. The firm has developed proprietary software, systems, procedures, manuals and financial models which permit efficient on-line evaluation, analysis, management, servicing and reporting of tax liens.

TaxServ meets credit rating agency criteria relative to tax lien servicing and collection activities in Philadelphia. The Heard Linebarger-TaxServ Joint Venture has been the subject of a formal evaluation by Standard & Poor’s Rating Group and was added to the S&P List of Approved Tax Lien Servicers with a classification of ABOVE AVERAGE.

TaxServ is or has been engaged to collect and service, either solely or in venture format (in the case of the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development) under fourteen engagement agreements for the management and liquidation of over 345,000 tax lien, real estate owned ("REO") and related assets with a combined initial redemptive value of $217 million. TaxServ has performed valuation studies for owners and lenders of tax lien assets aggregating in excess of $350 million.

In its role as servicer or subservicer of tax lien assets, TaxServ has considerable experience in working closely with representatives of municipalities in resolving a number of issues of concern to such municipalities. These issues include:

  1. Updating taxpayer addresses through TaxServ’s taxpayer location efforts;

  2. Assisting taxpayers in obtaining financing or refinancing to pay tax obligations;

  3. Working closely with elderly, handicapped, owner occupants and others whose circumstances require special consideration; and

  4. Working with those with financial hardships by entering into legally qualifying payment plans, introducing such taxpayers to sources of low interest financing or grants or providing such other assistance as best meets the need of the disadvantaged taxpayer.

Management Profiles

Roger A. Blain


Roger Blain

Mr. Blain joined the Firm in 2002 and now serves as President. He has twenty-five years experience in consulting and customer service. Mr. Blain is responsible for management of TaxServ’s clients’ portfolio(s) and supervises client reporting and due diligence projects. Prior to joining TSCS, Mr. Blain was an administrator for The Motley Fool, the financial publisher where he was responsible for management of the online community, providing service regarding personal finance and stock market related data. Mr. Blain has seventeen (17) years experience in consulting and event planning including negotiating and managing service contracts with a focus on customer service. Mr. Blain received a BA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Utah in 1986.

Jeff Frantz

Excecutive Vice President

Jeff Frantz

Mr. Frantz joined TaxServ in 2019 as Executive Vice President and has been involved in the real estate and tax lien industry since 2007. From 2014 until acquisition by TaxServ, Mr. Frantz served as owner and President of TaxDeed360, a nationwide property services and asset management company focused on the tax lien industry. From 2007 to 2014, he was a Director of Asset Management for a large tax lien servicer overseeing their tax lien foreclosure and REO portfolios. In addition to his efforts with TaxDeed360, Mr. Frantz owns and operates a private lending and real estate investment fund focused on historic property rehabilitation. During this time, he continued consulting for the tax lien industry in auction management, acquisitions, and portfolio analytics. Prior to his involvement in the tax lien industry, he served in the U.S. Air Force as an evaluator pilot flying combat missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq. Mr. Frantz earned a Masters in Management from Troy University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Robin Gonzales

Collections Manager

Robin Gonzales

Mrs. Gonzales joined the firm in March 2008 and has over fifteen years of experience in municipal receivable collections. Prior to joining TaxServ she worked for the City of Waterbury Tax office for four years. Mrs. Gonzales was promoted to become the Collections Manager for TaxServ after serving as a Supervisor were she assisted with special projects, trained and mentored other employees and assisted with IT issues in the office.

Maria Thomas

Servicing Manager

Maria Thomas

Ms. Thomas joined a Firm in 2015 as Servicing Manager. Prior to her joining the Firm, Ms. Thomas spent ten years at Ocwen Loan Servicing where she was Supervisor Document Control. Ms. Thomas has over eleven years of mortgage and tax lien servicing, lien administration, collateral management and custodial services. Her TaxServ responsibilities include processing redemptions, payment processing, investor reporting, and administration of all investor portfolios. Ms. Thomas’ education background is in Business Management and Business Administration graduating from Florida Atlantic University in 2000.

Angela Rivera

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Rivera

Ms. Rivera joined a Firm subsidiary in 1998 as a Staff Accountant and now serves as CFO for the Firm. Her responsibilities include managing the financial actions of the Firm and also functions for both our Accounting and Account Administration Groups. These include processing accounts payable, general ledger and bank reconciliations, tax reporting, portfolio redemptions, investor reporting, system balancing, financial analysis, and human relations. Ms. Rivera has an A.S. degree in Accounting from the Institute of Career Education.

Kenny Chan

Senior Operations Manager and IT Manager

Kenny Chan

Mr. Chan joined the Firm in 2004 as Mail Fulfillment Supervisor; served as Secretary to the Operations Review Committee; and now is the Senior Operations Manager and Information Technology Manager. Mr. Chan supervises all software application and manages network troubleshooting. He supervises all client mailings, address research and assists in client report preparation. Prior to joining TaxServ, Mr. Chan has worked as a General Manager of a small business that required various skills including customer service, company organization, and retail software troubleshooting. He is an expert user of Microsoft Office Suite.

Thomas P. Malnati, Esquire

Senior Counsel

Tom Malnati

Mr. Malnati joined the Firm in 2002 as Portfolio Director and Counsel. He has been involved in the collection industry for 15 years and has over 12 years of practice experience in bankruptcy, foreclosure and collection law. Mr. Malnati provides TaxServ and its clients with supervisory oversight of all receivable portfolios. He previously served as local counsel for Transamerica Business Credit Corporation. As Transamerica’s counsel he argued tax lien issues in the case of Danbury v. Philbury before the Connecticut Supreme Court. Subsequently at Transamerica Mr. Malnati was the Senior Servicing Manager responsible for collection activities and supervision of local counsel involved in all collection aspects, including bankruptcy administration, foreclosure processing and other legal lien enforcement issues. As a practicing attorney since 1990, Mr. Malnati is a member of the bars of Connecticut and Florida and has broad experience in commercial law; commercial litigation and bankruptcy; commercial litigation; foreclosure and collection litigation and bankruptcy proceedings to execute on money judgments in the bankruptcy courts; state superior courts, probate courts and the workers compensation commissions; bankruptcy practice and litigation including representing creditors in Chapters 7, 11 and 13 proceedings; representing debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings; and representing Trustees in bankruptcy. At the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Greek and Latin in 1978 and a Ph.D. in 1985. Mr. Malnati attended the University of Connecticut Law School and graduated in 1990 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Rhonda Gelormino

Client Relationship Manager

Rhonda Gelormino

Ms. Gelormino joined the Firm in 2015. Her responsibilities include building and maintaining relationships with clients within the Firm. She conducts business reviews to ensure clients are satisfied with our services and advises what additional services the Firm can offer. Ms. Gelormino has over 10 years in municipal government services with the Town of Goshen, CT. She served as First Selectman's Administrative Assistant for over 8 years at the Town. Prior to that, she was a Selectman's Clerk. Ms. Gelormino also has extensive collections experience working various firms in Torrington, CT.

Diana Pinkhasov

Asset Manager

Diana Pinkhasov

Ms. Pinkhasov joined the firm in 2015 as a Lien and REO Asset Manager. She has over 10 years of experience in asset management for real estate tax liens and REO. For TaxServ, Ms. Pinkhasov manages all aspects of daily lien and asset servicing, including all aspects of REO property management, analysis and valuations, and working with interested buyers of assets. Before joining TaxServ, Ms. Pinkhasov worked as a tax lien and REO asset manager for M.D. SASS, a New York City based investment management company where she managed the liquidation of company held tax lien and REO assets. Ms. Pinkhasov has a Bachelor of Business Administration Cum Laude from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College/CUNY in 2002 and a Master of Science in Real Estate Finance from the Schack Institute at New York University in 2014.

Daniel T. Kusic, Esquire

Managing Director

Dan Kusic

Mr. Kusic founded the Firm in 1993 and has been Managing Director continuously during that time. He has 40 years of distressed real estate experience and commercial transaction administration. As founder of TaxServ, Mr. Kusic has developed the financial models, systems, procedures and staff to manage portfolios of receivables. He was a practicing real estate attorney for over 20 years. Mr. Kusic was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Real Estate Recovery, Inc. (RER) for six years. In this experience, he established operating procedures, policies and contract compliance guidelines consistent with RTC, FDIC and other federal governmental agencies’ requirements for RER’s operations on a national basis. Prior to joining RER, Mr. Kusic served as General Counsel of Sequoia Building Corporation, a Metropolitan Washington, DC commercial real estate developer and residential builder with a real estate investment portfolio of $450 million. During more than 20 years of private practice, Mr. Kusic specialized in commercial real estate. Mr. Kusic received a BS in Finance from West Virginia University in 1969 and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Miami in 1972.

Robert J. Raphael, Esquire


Robert Raphael

Mr. Raphael has been with the Firm since 1994 as Director of Asset Management and now serves as a consultant. He has over 37 years of experience in real estate development, finance, management and disposition. Mr. Raphael was formerly Vice President and Regional Manager of Real Estate Recovery, Inc.’s Virginia office where he supervised the asset management and disposition of over $200 million of commercial real estate properties. Prior to his association with RER, Mr. Raphael was a principal with Jefferson Partners, Inc., a Washington DC mortgage and real estate brokerage firm, where he participated in the financing and sale of over $500 million in real estate on behalf of a number of clients. Prior experience while with Cameron Brown, Mr. Raphael was responsible for the asset management and disposition of almost $400 million of the real estate assets. Mr. Raphael holds a BA from Bates College and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Connecticut. He has been a lecturer on real estate and finance at several universities in the Washington DC area.

About Us

TaxServ Completes Service Organization Controls (SSAE 18 / SOC 1) Report


June 13, 2017 - TaxServ, LLC, a limited liability company, today announced that it has recently completed its Service Organization Controls (SSAE 18 / SOC 1) examination under Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18 (AT-C Section 320), Reporting on an Examination of Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to User Entities’ Internal Control Over Financial Reporting, of the AICPA, for the period January 1, 2017 through May 31, 2017 that was performed by an independent auditing firm.

Completion of the SSAE 18 / SOC 1 Type II examination indicates that selected TaxServ processes, procedures and controls have been formally evaluated and tested by an independent accounting and auditing firm. The examination included TaxServ’s controls related to the services it provides to user entities when those controls are likely to be relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting. The examination included the company’s controls related to: Connecticut, Florida and Virginia.

SSAE 18 / SOC 1 is designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an acceptable method for a user entity’s management to obtain assurance about service organization internal controls without conducting additional assessments. In addition, the requirements of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 make SSAE 18 reports even more important to the process of reporting on effective internal controls by public companies.

A SSAE 18 / SOC 1 examination is widely recognized, because it represents that a service organization has been through an evaluation of their control activities as they relate to an audit of the financial statements of its customers. A Type II report not only includes the service organization's system description, but also includes detailed testing of the design and operating effectiveness of the service organization's controls.

TaxServ, LLC (parent company to TaxServ Capital Services, LLC) strives to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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TaxServ has been a member of ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals since 2007 with Member #3080437 & NMLS License # 947835. TaxServ is also a member for the following trade associations:

  • National Tax Lien Association
  • Connecticut Tax Collector's Assocaition
  • Northeast Regional Tax Collector's Association
  • Connecticut Government Finance Officer's Association

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